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Sync over 20+ account types.
One Platform.

Our platform integrates with many leading Social, Analytic,
Blogging, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Link Shortener and Review platforms.


Everything in one place

Simplify your social/online tasks
with one, nTuitive’ platform.

Grow Audience and Engagement.

Use our social suite to grow your audience and amplify engagement.

Identify Trends, Discover Opportunities.

Monitor mentions of your brand & react to positive and negative sentiment on the social web.

Analyze campaigns,
boost ROI.

Optimize your social media marketing efforts with in-depth analytics and reporting.

The only solution you'll need

We’ve built an incredibly robust,
one stop system of tools.

Feature packed

Packed with time saving, value added,
incredibly useful features.

Evergreen Content/Auto-Repost

Automatically reuse your best content to generate more engagement.

We make sure your queue is never empty. When we’ve published everything from a category, We re-share past updates that people might have missed – every time we do, you gain new traffic.

Link Frames/Sticky Headers

Overlay your custom messaging onto any piece of content. adds your custom call-to-action to any page on the web. This improves your follower engagement and ability to measure performance through every link to content that you share.

Search Agents

Find conversations by keywords. Easily track conversations within your social profiles. Setup result alerts.

Competitor Tracking

Get detailed and customizable reports on social media profiles that belong to your customers/competitors.

Social Automations

Automate important tasks across your social media profiles such as auto follow, unfollow, favorite/like, and more.

Contact Management keeps track of all people that you come across socially and creates an address book to centralize your communication.


nTuitive automatically predicts the outcome of certain goals (Audience growth, Engagement, etc.) and helps you track results.

Data Backup

Your social network data is downloaded, stored and processed to build powerful reports. You can export all data for further analysis, backup and customized reporting.


Measure your ROI and gain insight into
your campaign success.

Measure Conversions

Track conversions and determine ROI with a built in ROI calculator.

Engagement and Growth

Measure your audience growth and engagement within certain time periods.

Publication Performance

Track clicks and conversions generated from your content/publications.

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